Cloud up

Cloud servers by minute Scalable, on demand, pay per use.

Configure your Cloud server and find out the price. Use it even for just one hour.

1 8
10 1000
1 16
- € / hour
- € / minute
- € / month
Why Cloudup?
Cause it gives you
all the resources
you need.
Cause first you use it
and then you pay it.
Cause it's really cheap!
The real pay per use Cloud!

What is it?

Cloudup isa pay per use cloud service.

  • No useless hardware
  • No fixed costs
  • No duration constraints
  • No maintenance
  • It's made in Italy

What is it for?

Cloudup, a cloud server with all
the functionalities of a dedicated server

  • Create developing ambients
  • Manage traffic peaks
  • Manage massive mailing
  • Host multiple web sites
  • Support applications

Who is it meant for?

Do you need scalable resources?
Cloudup is for you.

  • Small/medium enterprises
  • Start up
  • Web designers
  • Developers
  • Networker and systems eng.

Not sure you want to buy it?
Try it for two weeks!